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You’re probably here for a few reasons. Maybe you’ve heard someone close to you is getting the implant, maybe it’s you(oooh),maybe you’re just interested in the technology or maybe you’ve just found yourself here, either way read on. Having personal experience with SCS(Spinal Cord Stimulators) I’ll give you the lowdown on it, jargon free, unbiased, no BS, just my experience and what I’ve learned from others with an SCS……

Sounds scary doesn’t it? A spinal Cord Stimulator? OH Sounds like a thing from  Mars or maybe the gun from the Terminator movies ya that it-“I’ll be Back”……..no but seriously in reality its rather simple when put into simple terms……

I’m sure some of you have looked at YouTube videos(you know who you are) and seen all the horror stories, while im not saying there not valid, when was the last time you posted a video or post online about on a successful story-very rare, I know I’ve only come to the web for help and never really given back.95% of the stories/posts online are biased one way or another and mainly for the negative, its just the way it is

SCS-IMAGEPlease do not immerse yourself in the negative videos or the positive videos where the patient is smiling while the doc is there holding their hand,c’mon really?

Now i know what your thinking,your thinking “this is a joke right?Its gotta be a joke,maybe a hidden camera show?Wheres the camera i cant see it?Ill have leads in my back and a box in my stomach?Tell me this is a joke?”….ah no sorry….and you’ll see why as you read on

89c0240142730adfaf60d4501c475150I just want to get one point out there before anybody leaves or reads on.I thought(as im sure a lot of people did)-“My pain is too bad for this to work-how can this work over bottles and bottles of meds?Your right maybe it wont work or maybe it will but when all else has failed the least you can take from this site is a bit more info and make up your own mind and not look back and say “if id only known”…..


Im not going to explain chronic pain because if your here you pretty much know the lowdown on it and im not for a minute going to try to understand your pain as were all different but as the “ol sayin” goes “When all you know is pain you don’t know that it is not normal”-But heres a clip that might interest you.Just from the point of view that it can tear families apart that aren’t seen from the outside is a massive thing for me personally.But im sure everyone has had their own experiences in chronic pain……….

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Another great video here on chronic pain


I’m hoping others will contribute to this site as time goes on and pass on the “torch of information” so to speak both positive and negative. I know I was desperate for information on SCS a few years back and after all the searching I ended up more confused and ultimately wrong about it all when I did get the implant


Just a quick note on Chronic Pain-Everyone’s pain is different,it all subjective,what works for some does not work for others.For example medication,some people get fantastic relief from one med while some will get no relief even though they have the “exact same condition” to another person and I guess therin lies the problem,not one person in the world has the exact same chronic pain as another even though symptoms are the same.Weather affects some peoples chronic pain aswel as a persons weight,attitude,diet,medical history,the list goes on and on…


Here’s a very good radio interview for the destruction it has caused one persons life:



Right,if your ready for more click on “What is a spinal cord stimulator” tab at the top of the page and we will get into the bones of it all-pun very much intended……..