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  • Ray

    Hi Dan,
    Ray here, thanks for the reply, as with your site very informative and responsive. Sorry if my email seemed vague, I have a lot going on in the gray matter trying to digest, consider and committing to having the SCS trial and possible implant. It is great to hear soooo many others have had success with this device, it is something that seems to change their lives back to somewhat normal.
    It is great to hear your success story, for someone to manage going through a reduction in their quality of life to then enhance it is amazing. Man, I can’t even remember when I had a day that was clear enough to function for more than 4-5hr’s at time. Well, again thanks, just finding someone out there that has undergone similar issues and whom has found a remedy is making my decision easier. Take Care and Be Well

    • Danspinestim

      No worries at all Ray and as I said email me if you’ve more questions or ask them here.Keep the head up pal……….

      Take Care


  • Ray

    Hi Dan, received my info from the specialist in regard to questions I had, they came back positive…yahoo. The next steps require a pre-trial MRI, an appointment with the specialist then onto the trial. Now that I am feeling more confident with this I can call within the next week and start the process…must admit a little scary.
    I was wondering where the IPG was placed when they did yours, if it is in the front (stomach area) how did they weave the extension through from the back.

    • Danspinestim

      Hey Ray

      Hope your well

      Wow that was quick pal-Better to get it on with it next week rather then waiting

      I know its easy to say “dont be scared” and it is scary but the trial scariness will be mental rather then physical pain wise if that takes a load off your mind(and its much easier then then the permanent implant)-you will just be begging for the device to give you relief and if not then better then to have not tried at all but im sure you will get relief-Gotta stay postive!!(easier said then done i know)As i say on my site i know someone who went 7 weeks on the trail before he got 90% relief?You will get relief im sure it just depend on how much…………

      My IPG was placed in my left front stomach area(next to my belly button) the leads(look like Ethernet cables/phone cables-Sounds worse then it is trust me) go from there around your side(you can physically feel them) and up in to your spine and splinter into two hairlike leads at the base of your spine and stop between your shoulder blades…….

      Is your specialist nice?This will make a ton of difference….Theres no way id be as good if my specialist/team weren’t great along with my family

      Let me know what happens Ray and again any more questions fire way


      • Ray

        Hi Dan,
        Thanks Bud, I had done a lot of research in 2014 and was ready for the trial then until they discovered the stenosis was to severe at L5/S1. So I think all that was really needed was to revisit and confirm that this is the direction…which I have decided because man o man 13 years of pain and lack of mobility is enough for this kid. I next go for an MRI, another specialist meeting for Q&A, then on to the trial, which is better to just get up and do it than sit around waiting and not knowing. I will keep in touch, the process should go quickly now that I have decided and once I contact the specialist for the MRI things will really get rolling. With Thanks,

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        • Danspinestim

          I Hope everything goes well for you Ray

          Good Luck and again,always here or on email if you’ve questions

          Take Care


  • Pat Devereux

    Hi Dan
    Hope are well. I am hoping to get a trial of SCS for a nerve pain arising from a cruciate repair in my knee. I’ve had the pain almost 3 years. Meds don’t do any good although I take a small dose of Lyrica.
    I guess I had a few questions to ask if you didn’t mind.
    I didn’t realise you could extend your trial period – is that something you would recommend?
    I hear a lot about the possibility of the lead wires moving – especially in the early recovery. Had you any bother in that regard?
    And once the recovery period is over, in your experience, how active can you be? I mean that with regard to having to take care of the wires and implant – does seriously limit how active you can be?

    • Danspinestim

      Hi Pat

      Hope you well

      Congrats on your trail-hope it goes well

      I think my trail was extended because I paid out of pocket,im pretty sure it’s the insurance companies who dictate the week long timeframe to a very large extent,after all they don’t want to have to fork out 30k+

      About the leads moving, yes that is a massive issue, you really have to have people around you to do the stupid little things like pick things up, no arms over head for the first few weeks also-Really important that one

      As for activity-The world is your oyster but my pain was only in one area so when I got a huge relief I was ready to do anything, most people have pain radiating all over etc so it depends on the individual, the actual battery doesn’t impinge etc also in my experience

      I’ve lifted very heavy weight, ran miles, fallen pretty hard(a lot,sober and sometimes not) and the leads are fine-Take into account though that I didn’t “let myself go “ so to speak for a year, I was obsessed with not doing anything too crazy in that first year so there will be no lead move age-That’s how I did it but others may have done it another way-I truly believe it takes year to be 100% in body and in mind re leads, that may be overkill but I’d rather be safe than sorry,ive seen things online saying youl be 100% in weeks-That’s crazy in my opinion but im no doctor

      Hope I answered some questions pat

      Anymore feel free to ask

      • Pat

        Thanks Dan. Appreciate your reply.