Stage 2

Stage 2

(Full Implant)

27da3f45f093c38c4d20dd8c62fbea25So you’ve walked the tight rope and weighed up the pros and cons and decided to come all the way to stage 2(full implant) Lucky you

I hope you’ve reached at least 50% pain relief as that what doctors advise…

It’s a big decision based on pain relief mainly plus cost, limitations that the SCS has on you plus other medical factors.

All the trialing and worrying, thinking praying-This is what is was for-Stage 2 baby…


If the trial didn’t work for you then all I can say is good luck in your future endeavors to rid this pain that infects you.Id imagine there are already other forms of technology for pain relief that we as a public haven’t even heard of yet.God only knows with the technology that’s out there but as I said good luck to you and if you’ve had the trial and would like to leave a comment ,please do.

There’s really not much to say about the full implant really but:

Your internal leads are left there and a permanent battery will be placed mainly in your abdomen or buttock but can be placed elsewhere

Note-It’s important, along with your doc’s advice that you discuss where to put the permanent implant

Example-Personally I can’t sleep on my left hand side,so my implant is on my left hand side in my abdomen so-Just my preference…..

The full implant is sore for a few months but nothing major. It does move over time (I’m talking millimeters here) and you can poke it and show it off to all your friends who will now be calling you the terminator or asking can they charge their phones off you but its worth it for pain relief.Personally I like to be called the million dollar man!!!!!!!

It can move more and may need surgery but its a day procedure to make it more secure is all….


cropped-pain-relief1.jpgYou will be familiar with your remote by now, what works,what doesn’t etc, some change programs, some don’t.



As for charging,different makes/models require different charge times be it per day or every other day.Mine is 1hr 20mins per day,others are different……

It was 18 months before I felt fully comfortable to bend, lift, twist and do anything WITHOUT worrying about the SCS.For others that maybe shorter amount of time.As I said mentally it was tougher for me…

I will say you need 6 months at least of nothing to strenuous-Only you know your body but 6 months for optimum results at least

I have fallen, tripped so many times(im a bit clumsy and do like the occasional shandy) since I got the SCS and my leads haven’t moved but that was “when I let myself go” so to speak and that was 12 months,after that your leads are safe-to an extent id imagine but that’s way over my head.They are made of tough stuff. I was basically stuck to my non bending twisting lifting arms over head for 6 months. I put it down to doing what my doc told me to the letter.Everyone is going to fall or trip-Its inevitable but you have got to be careful..

Ill end with this-As an experiment say A year or even 18 months after you get the full implant turn the SCS off for 2 days and see what will see your pain come back and think “how in the name of god did I live with that”-Its amazing!

  • Shastwell1216

    I cannot thank you enough for making this website. After a year of anxiety over whether or not to trial SCS I finally made the decision to go ahead about a month ago. I am now 1 week out from the psychologist apt and have been nervous all over again about it. Reading through your site I finally feel like I am making a sound decision. I had a pretty bad surgery experience and was not prepared for another procedure. About a month ago I finally dmecided that I am too young for all of this and I need some kind of life back. If the SCS can work then I have to give it a chance. I will be turning 28 in a few days and the latter part of my twenties has been miserable , I am ready doe something to change. I hope It will work for me but understand that it may not work as well as I hope. But I thank you for taking the time to do this. It definitely answered some of my questions!

    • Danspinestim

      Glad that I could help.I hear you when when you say your nervous about another surgery but hopefully this one will go well…..

      Best of luck with the psychologist apt next week and hopefully you will have the trial soon also…..
      Let me know what happens….

  • Leggett-Womack Linda

    Wonderfully written. I’ve had my implant 3 weeks and your insight is most helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Linda Womack

    • Danspinestim

      No worries Linda.Hope it all works out for you….Glad I could help…..

  • Lorraine Lynas

    A Brilliantly written account of life with a SCS. Thank You for taking the time to write this. I found it very useful and interesting. Lorraine

    • Danspinestim

      No problem Lorraine.Hope it helped you
      Thanks for reading…..

  • Breda o’Sullivan

    Hi Dan, thank you for answering all the questions I had in regard to SCS. This site is very informative and easy to understand. Had psychiatric assessment so now is between the consultant and my health insurers! I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m left with no other form of pain relief and I really do hope it works so I can get rid of all meds and their various side effects.


    • Danspinestim

      No Problem Breda

      Just email me again if your worried/have questions on anything etc
      Glad i could help

      Good luck Friday 🙂

      Take care